Hi I’m Aaliyah my brand was born out of a love and passion for making things with my hands; yes I know all handmade lovers say this, buts it’s so true. It was during one of my  long varsity holidays that I got bored and decided to try something new – SEWING.I was intimidated by the machine’s loud ‘uncontrollable’ motor foot pedal and had no clue how to switch the sewing machine on but I was determined to still give it a go. That was the beginning of an exciting journey to creating my accessories label Aaliyah Makoni. A lot has changed since that varsity holiday but till this day there’s still a truck load of passion and love that goes into making every single piece, it’s my labor of love.

Most of the items in our store come in colorful African print like beautiful shweshwe fabric from South Africa and Wax print fabric from West Africa. The interesting patterns and vibrant colors of the fabric all help to create these chic accessories. Whether it’s a night out with the girls or a day of classes, Aaliyah Makoni has the bag you are looking for! Carry one of these bags and you’re bound to make a statement.

Thanks again for visiting my store; I hope you find something you like!